11 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

11 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments DIY Paper Ornaments

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11 Easy DIY Ornaments

These DIY ornaments are easy to make and look beautiful on the tree. If you need any last minute ornaments these will be perfect for you and they also make great gifts for family and friends!

1. Vacation Memory Ornament

DIY Honeymoon Ornament

We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon and brought back some shells and a little sand.
Now we have this sweet memory ornament!

DIY Keepsake ornament




2. Felt Tree Ornament

All you need is felt, scissors, needle and thread. Cut your felt into squares (big to small). Cut little squares for the tree stem and a diamond or star for the top. Sew the felt together and add string to the top to hang.




3. Pearl and Wire Ornament
DIY Pearl Wire Ornament

 See the list of supplies and instructions here




4. Bell Ornament

This ornament you only need bells, string, ribbon and a little metal ring (to tie all of the strings to).




5. Scrapbook Paper Ornaments

You’ll need scrapbook paper – color of choice, scissors, string and hole punch. You can either staple the paper together, glue them or tie them together with string. Depends on what shape ornament you want.
(Bottom middle photo the ornament is glued together, bottom right photo the ornament is tied together)



6. Chalkboard Clip-ons

This one is super simple. All you need is the chalkboard clip ons and a chalk pen. You can get the chalkboard clip ons at Michaels in the front section with the 59 cents to $3 finds (love that section).



7. Toilet Paper Roll Star Ornaments

Save your toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls so you can make these sparkly star ornaments.

How to make:
Cut the paper roll into 5 even pieces, hot glue them together then make a whole at the top for the ribbon.
Paint the roll the color of your choice and add glitter. When it’s dry, add your ribbon and hang on the tree.



8. Stamped Keepsake Ornament

Stamp your wedding date, kid’s birthday or any other memory that you would like to hang on your tree.



9. Recycled Christmas Card Ornaments
DIY Christmas Card Ornament

These recycled Christmas card ornaments are one of my favorites.
You can see instructions for this ornament at DIYCozyHome.com


10. Felt Ornament

I will update this with a how to picture tutorial ASAP.

Supplies you’ll need:
Felt, scissors, strings or ribbon and hot glue gun. Optional bead to hang from the bottom.




11. Paper Flower Ball Ornament

Supplies you’ll need:
Styrofoam Ball
Flower Hole Punch
Scrapbook Paper
Pearl Pins

Wrap the Styrofoam ball with ribbon, make a loop at the top for hanging and pin ribbon to hold down.
Pin the paper flowers to the styrofoam ball and you are done!

Leave a comment below if you DIY any of these ornaments. Would love to hear how yours turned out!


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