DIY Masquerade Mask

(I originally wrote this post back in 2014 on my old blog but wanted to share it here since I no longer have that blog)


Need a mask for a Masquerade themed party or a Halloween costume? This one cost under $10 to make.

I bought my supplies at Michael’s and had less than an hour to make this mask which wasn’t long since I had no idea what I was doing. Since I was rushed with time I didn’t even think to take any before pictures but it was a plain white cardboard mask. I painted it a light blue with just a regular craft paint and then painted over with a blue nail polish ( East Village NYC Nail Polish).
I found stick on rhinestones already in designs (I just had to cut some to fit in certain areas)
 Then I glued on some black feathers and ribbon. 
Very easy and fun to make!

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