Most Recent Amazon Purchases

I’m obsessed with Amazon Prime and thought I would share my recent purchases from May and June.

Amazon Purchases


Teepee Play Tent – This one my mom actually purchased for Amelia but I thought I would add it to the list anyways because it’s so cute. It is a big tent (6ft) so if you want one that is a little smaller this one looks good.

Bronze Toilet Paper Holder – I’m kind of proud of myself since this is the only item I purchased in June the rest are all from May. I bought this for our downstairs half bath room which is almost done, I will post a bathroom reveal as soon as it is.

  • Bottle Brush – I buy a lot of boring essentials from Amazon but if you need a bottle brush this is a good one.
  • Charlies Soap – We really like this laundry soap.
  • Hip Baby Ring Sling – I bought a beige one but its out of stock this is the other color that I debated about.

Clean Well Natural Hand Sanitizer – I want to start making my own hand sanitizers but until I do I really like this hand sanitizer and it is kid safe.

Himalaya Toothpaste –  This toothpaste has no carrageenan, no fluoride, no SLS or harsh abrasives.

Baby Cardigan – This cardigan is for baby boys or girls and comes in many colors.

White Baby Gates – We bought two of these for the stairs and they work great.

Dog + Cats Probiotics and Enzymes – Bought these for our little French Bulldog puppy.

1TB Hard Drive – Needed this one for work and it works great.

Fisher-Price Potty – My daughter isn’t ready to potty train but I thought I would get one for her to get use to and to have it for when she is ready.

Child Safety Locks – These work great for keeping the little ones out of the cabinets. Here’s a picture of a safety lock in use.
HomeGoods Cabinet

What’s your favorite Amazon purchase?

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