Gender Reveal! It’s a…

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gender reveal its a boy Gender Reveal! It's a... BOY!

Gender Reveal, It's a... boy


We are expecting our first little boy in February!
Morning sickness was definitely easier this pregnancy but the exhaustion was real. Daily naps with my daughter was a must during the first trimester. Thankfully, I’m now in my second trimester and have a lot more energy!

Of course, after we found out I searched Amazon for baby boy items and these are some of my favorites!

Baby Boy Finds on Amazon
Bandana Bibs | Suspender Outfit | Suspenders | Bear Onesie | Sneakers | Hoodie & Sweatpants | Dinosaur Onesie | Starry Multi-Use Cover | Boat Shoes | Fishing Onesie

What are your favorite online shops for baby clothes?

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