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Basket walls are an easy and affordable way to decorate a big or small wall. I found all of these baskets at
thrift stores for under $10. I white washed the baskets for more of a cottage-beachy feel.

It can take a few trips to the thrift store to get all of your baskets since it’s so hit or miss. It took me about 3 trips to collect these.

White Washed Basket Wall

Here is a picture of the baskets before I white washed them. I didn’t have all of the baskets for the wall yet.

After being white washed.

To white wash the baskets, I mixed some water and paint then used a wet cloth to paint the baskets.
I used the other end of the cloth to wipe off the extra paint but a separate wet cloth for wiping the extra paint would probably be less messy.

Basket Wall

Basket Wall

Basket Wall

Basket Wall


Thrifted Basket Wall under $10White Washed Basket Wall under $10

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