4 Phone Apps to Earn Extra Money!

4 Phone apps to earn extra money

This post contains referral links. If you have a smartphone you can start earning extra money. There are so many apps out there that you can use to make money by doing small tasks like filling out a survey, grocery shopping, watching videos and more.  These apps won’t make you rich but they can help you earn some extra money and gift cards.  I’m currently using these 4 apps… Share This:...

Apple, Carrot and Ginger Juice

One of my favorite juice is Apples, Carrots and Ginger. It’s so refreshing and is ready in about 5 minutes! I love juicing because you can control what you put into your juice, no preservatives and I know it is fresh. My least favorite part is cleaning the juicer so occasionally I will make extra juice to store in the fridge for a couple days. Share This:...